Bottle Blossoms

Protecting the Oceans One Blossom at a Time

"Bottle Blossoms" stemmed from my love of creating unique artwork combined with a deep desire to keep as much of my family's used plastic from ending up in our beautiful oceans.  

Each blossom is hand formed from used plastic containers/bottles and then hand painted. A small brad and wire stem are added to create the finished flower. They are perfect for adding a splash of bright, beautiful eco-friendly color to your home by hanging them on the wall or placing them in a vase.

Eventually, when the deer and drought became too much for my backyard,  I began putting them in my flower pots and even "planting" them directly into my garden. After mixing them in with some cacti and local bee and butterfly inviting plants, I was delighted with a unique, bright and cheerful backyard oasis.

Now, I'm ready to share them with you. 

Please contact me with questions, to place an order, or to schedule a studio visit.  

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Thanks for Visiting

I love the sea

the breeze,

the blue-green.

She whispers through waves

her message serene,

"I am vast

you are small

can’t control me at all.

I’m the rhythm of life

I rise and fall

and you, my dear,

are part of it all."


~Lauri Randall