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  I'm an artist and writer living and working in Austin, Texas. As the much more famous writer Elizabeth Gilbert once said, people are either jackhammers or hummingbirds. Jackhammer people have a passion and just keep going deeper into it and other people are hummingbirds who float from one thing to the next. I've decided that I'm a "hummingbird person" who loves to try too many things to stick with just one. So, I've decided to put all the things I'm working on here in one place for you to enjoy. Hope you have fun browsing through my writing and illustrations as well as my upcycled "Bottle Blossom" Project.  Feel free to contact me to share your own inspirations.

I would love to hear what you're working on!




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Remind Me to Breathe

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Download, print and color

Hummingbird Person

I’m a hummingbird person trying this thing and that.

Not distracted by flowers, just mesmerized for hours.

But, then a new scent will appear on the air

and I’m no longer here ‘cuz I’ve flown over there

to try out something new though it might go nowhere.

Can I help it if I love to dance on the air?

                                                                                    ~Lauri Randall

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