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The Book

 "Remind Me to Breathe" is a little book of mindfulness for all ages. The

easy-to-read poetry, and the accompanying "conversation starter" questions, are designed to help adults and children navigate thoughts and feelings and transform them together within the safety of the mindfulness framework. The journaling and coloring pages help calm the mind and offer a hands-on practice as well. 

Perfect for individuals, families, teachers and anyone looking to bring a little more mindfulness into their lives.


What People Are Saying


Amazon Review

This is a book for people of all ages!

This book is so well done. I love that there are pages for notes and coloring, things to come back and revisit over time. I wish I had had this book when my own children were younger. It is a great way to talk about feelings and mindfulness in a way that young kids can understand. I highly recommend this book!


Instagram Review

Remind Me to Breathe by Lauri Randall is a book of poetry about mindfulness for all ages. The poems explore and validate emotions, and promote self-awareness, self-compassion, and kindness.

Each poem is followed by Conversation Starters – questions relating to each topic. They’re a great way to facilitate discussions with children (and there are enough questions after each poem that you can come back to them several times), or to quietly contemplate on your own. There are pages set aside for notes, so the book can also become a journal.

The illustrations are all single line drawings  You can use your finger to slowly trace each drawing from beginning to end .This book is a great way to take a few moments to connect to yourself and is also a meaningful way to engage with others. 

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Amazon Review

A great book for teaching kids!

This book is so wonderful-a great way to teach children how to be present and to express their feelings. Its drawings and poetry are delightful and pave the way for conversations about deep emotions with children to occur. I highly recommend this if you have kids, teach kids, or want to pass it on to someone else who does. I have purchased several copies for friends and relatives with young children and have heard nothing but praise. I wish I had access to something like this when I was a kid.

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